Appointments FAQ

The way we access GP services has changed. Below are some frequently asked questions that may help you understand these changes:

Why can't I always see the doctor I prefer, at the time I want?

You can always ask if a particular doctor is available and we will try to accommodate your request, but we cannot always offer you the time and date that you want either because the doctor is not on duty that day or that all their appointments are already booked. If you need to see a clinician urgently all our doctors have the same access to your medical information and can assist you. However, for routine consultations you can book in advance for the GP of your choice.

Why am I asked if I would like to see a nurse?

Our Nurse Practitioners are highly qualified and can deal with a wide range of conditions that you may have thought can only be dealt with by a doctor. It may also be quicker for you to see a nurse and it may leave an appointment free for somebody who has a condition that needs to be seen by a doctor.

What languages can consultations be conducted in?

Members of staff conduct consultations in English. If translation services are required please contact us in advance.

If I needed to referred to a specialist or other agency outside the surgery, how quickly will that happen?

Urgent referrals to other health and social care agencies will be made within one working day of the patient consultation. We will normally process non-urgent referrals within five working days of the patient consultation or the doctor's decision to refer.