meeting.jpgPPG Aims

The aims of the Practice and Patient Group are to:


  • Provide support to the Practice and act as a critical friend by making constructive suggestions
  • Gather patient feedback and put forward ideas for improvement in the services provided
  • Provide useful information to patients
  • Communicate our wishes on future primary care provision in this locality
  • Encourage more diversity in our group membership
  • Enhance our understanding of NHS services and issues which affect our patients.

Who we are

The Martlesham PPG was originally formed in November 2011. Our membership has changed since then, with only one of the original patients still a member.

The Practice Manager attends on behalf of the Practice. Prue is the current chairperson and we have other patient members with different responsibilities.

PPGs of other GP surgeries are often called Patient Participation Groups, but we chose the name of our group to reflect the fact that our group is very much a partnership between the practice and patients. The doctors are very supportive of the work we do.



All current patient members are from the same (majority) ethnic group and sexuality and most are of retirement age, so we are not looking for more members with the same profile at the current time. However, if you are interested in becoming a member and would be able to give the group a different perspective on the services offered by the practice (e.g. as a young person, a parent of children under 18, the carer of a patient with a long-term condition or with different experiences of the services offered), please get in touch by emailing the chairperson here explaining why you would like to become a member of the PPG.


Only patients of the practice and their carers (whether patients themselves or not) are entitled to join the group.


Virtual Group

We also have a virtual group who have agreed to be contacted occasionally by email for their views and feedback. There is no expectation that these members would attend meetings as all contact is via email.


Personal information: Virtual members’ identity and email addresses are only seen by those PPG members responsible for communicating with them. Their names and email addresses are not shared with other virtual group members or anyone else.


If any patient or carer of a patient would like to join the virtual group (irrespective of your age, gender, ethnicity, etc.), please contact the PPG chairperson here.


Work undertaken by the PPG

  • We collect feedback from patients and their carers (e.g. via surveys) to work out ways of improving the service. Some things are outside the control of our practice, but where possible, changes have been made.
  • Examples of past actions: 
    • redesign and improvements to the premises
    • new improved website
    • changes to appointments
    • better practice/patient communications
    • improved management of flu clinics
    • a bid for funding to run strength exercises and education for patients at high risk of falling.
  • Discussions with the Clinical Commissioning Group have taken place about the future provision of GP services in Martlesham. As we have reported in local magazines, nothing has been decided to date (October 2019).
  • Regular news items in local parish magazines, on the website and in the waiting room.
  • We are currently working on some new publications for patients, such as a patient handbook, which will be produced in paper and electronic formats.

How you can get in touch

If you would like to tell us anything about your recent experience of the service at Martlesham surgery (good or bad), please email us. We promise to read and note everything even if we can’t reply individually to every one!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Strictly NO personal medical information to this email address please, as these emails will be read by patient members of the PPG.



One of our new projects is to produce a directory of groups, classes, activities, information sources and anything else in our locality which would be of interest to older patients (65+). If you know of any, please email us the name of the group, broadly what they do and a means of contacting the organiser. We will check the details and publish the directory online as well as in booklet form available to be picked up in the waiting room.