New Patient Registration

We aim to register new patients wherever possible. New patients must reside within our catchment locality. When you contact us you will be requested to provide photo ID (Driving License, Passport etc) together with a utility bill as proof of address, you will also be asked to complete a New Patient Questionnaire which asks for information on your medical history, allergies and medication etc, as well as other health related issues. These documents must be returned to the practice in person, with the exception of children when the parent/guardian will be able to register on their behalf.

If you are currently on prescribed medication you will be asked to make an appointment with one of our nurses for a New Patient Medical in order that your records can be updated and repeat prescriptions issued safely and correctly. If you change your name, address or telephone number, please remember to inform the surgery in writing. The practice registers only the patients who fit our criteria, allowing us to offer the best possible medical service to all our patients.


You can download a copy of the new patient registration documents and health questionnaires here: